The following contains personal material which may be unsuitable for the elderly or bands of renegade woodland creatures. Your mission should you decide to accept it, is to read the following bio. In the unlikely event that any of it makes sense, the Secretary will disavow any knowlege of your actions.


I'm the Kat. Actually, my name is Katrina, but Kat is much shorter and easier to remember. ANYways.....I hail from the land of....uh.... okay, it's Nebraska, what can I say? Boring as watching paint dry.....

I am 19 years old, (yuppers, a young 'un) and am currently trying my hardest, to make my family, understand that I do posses some common sense. Except, at the moment, I seemed to have misplaced it.

Right now, I am on my 22nd or 23rd move, I forget which. To tell, you the truth, I find it fascinating. I just simply could not imagine spending my entire life in one place. I graduated from Heidelberg American High School in 1996. My family still lives in Germany. (oceans are wonderful inventions). I, however, have named Ames, my own personal galaxy of college goodness. I have two younger sisters, that I greatly enjoy terrorizing on a semi yearly basis....I'm just kidding! You would be surprised at all the militant younger siblings out there...... Erica, often confused as my twin, is 15. She is a sophomore at Hanau American High School, in Hanau, Germany. Sara, is my youngest sister. She will be 11 in September, she is going into the 6th grade. You see, my family is like the Adams family, they love each other, but they are still a bunch of freaks. (Ask to see the infamous "Pep Talk" e-mails sometime)

I graduated from Heidelberg American High School in Heidelberg, Germany. Before that I attended West High School in Waterloo, Iowa.