We learn a lot from friends. Usually, those lessons are about ourselves.

Sunnie and I used to be 'best friends', as you could probably guess from the picture at the left. Lately, however, circumstances have changed our view on each other, and not necessarily for the best. The question in a deep friendship of responsibility is always the hardest to answer. Who's responsible for keeping it going; keeping it alive?

Maybe I was wrong in a lot of things, in fact, I know I was. But the responsibility to maintain a friendship should not be solely mine, and apparently that's where the disagreement between the two of us centered.

As I grow from the mistakes I have, or may have, made in my friendship with Grace, I'm learning a good deal about myself, and my own weakpoints. A friendship outlives arguments, disagreements and differences... at least, true friendships do. And many times, those friendships we value and cherish as 'true friendships' dwindle and die at the prospect of having to work at them.

I haven't had a chance to say my goodbye to our friendship. I've actually been trying to avoid doing so, hoping that maybe someday we can both admit to faults on both sides rather than shouting blame at the other, but I'm slowly starting to realize that I can't expect people to hold the same value on honesty and self-reflection that I expect of myself. -- And to qualify that, I understand that I'm not even what I expect of myself, which brings me closer to the expectation than anyone can ever imagine.

In closing, I used to think we were a lot alike. I'm slowly learning otherwise. To me, she's no longer Sunnie... she's Grace, a true friend from once upon a time.

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