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Support Linux on the PowerPC platform!!

Update, Aug 20, 1999: Have a looksie at: this IBM press release.

Apple has also 'seen the light', and is now (at least unofficially) supporting Linux on the Mac. Heck, they even hired a guy to give developers hardware specs ;).

I've come to the conclusion that this petition has done all it is going to do, and for the most part has been answered, whether it was intentional or not. So, I'm going to be officially closing it down now. You can still sign it if you feel like it, but for the most part, it will probably be ignored. Feel free to contact me at

What follows is here for historical reasons, and my dislike of HTML editing ;P
Update, Oct 2, 1998: Well, this petition has been running for over a year now, and has reached 1,469 signatures (However, I haven't checked for duplicates yet). I still doubt Apple themselves will listen, but there is a project in the works for a low cost, high performance PPC motherboard specifically for Linux. I am not in the position to say anthing more about this because I don't want to prematurely raise anyone's hopes, and any publicity about the project now may lead to it's untimely demise.

Update, Jul 14, 1998: I'm now up to over 1000 signatures (since about december). I would like to thank everyone who has signed this.. You have given me motivation to keep trying. I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that Apple (or any other large company) will be quite unlikely to listen to this petition. I also believe that the only way for me to actually make a difference is to start a company to do it. To this end, I have been in contact with a small company call Micro Unix Systems, which is interested in selling PPC Linux systems. You can see the web page or the press release. If you disagree with me and think this *will* make a difference, or know of someone at Apple (or any other company) who you think should see this and might listen, please let me know

This page originally started back when Apple announced it was going to close down the Macintosh clone makers, back in September sometime. When I announced my first version of the petition, I had intended to use it show the former clone makes that there is support for Linux on PPC, and that they could make money by selling PowerPC systems with Linux installed.

Since then, I have received almost 600 signatures supporting this idea. Some things have also happened that have made me rethink my original purpose. I still believe that Linux should be an alternative on the PowerPC, just as it is on the Intel architecture. After watching Apple over the last 2 months, I have come to the conclusion that they are the best hope for keeping the PowerPC alive. They are, after all, the largest maker of PowerPC based personal computers. Apple has, and continues to provide support for MkLinux on Macintosh computers. I was also very impressed by the online Apple Store, where one can get machines directly from Apple.

Because of these reasons, I have modified my original petition to reflect these changes. My goal is to have a total of 2000 signatures by the end of December. Then I would like to present the petition to Apple Computer in the hopes of getting an option added to the online store to allow a customer to have MkLinux and Linux-ppc pre-installed on the system.

So, I ask you to sign the petition! If you have already signed either petition, you don't need to sign the other. I will record which petition was signed, but the total list will be used for presentation to Apple and other manufacturers, as both have the same end goal. Here is the original petition if you would like to see it.

Think Different!! Use Linux!!

If think no real-world compananies use Linux, think again.. Look at this list of companies that use linux for their day to day business. Getting them to switch to Linux on PowerPC would be a heck of a lot easier than converting a company that already uses Windows..

There are even a few people from companies that use Linux that have signed the Petition. Here are comments from them and other people who have signed this petition. Join them and sign!

Primary author: Troy Benjegerdes. This document was written and composed in its entirety on a Linux System with 100% free software, running on a Power Macintosh 7100/80. It is web served by a 486 class machine, running Red Hat Linux 4.2