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Some of the comments on this page are from the comment sheet I put on my dorm room door, others are via. the comment item on my web page at <> (if you're wondering why one of those seems redundant, it's becuase this page is posted identically in both places).

I'll be honest -- I'm not putting up all the comments I recieve. I have and fully intend to continue putting up almost all comments. The only ones I remove are things like "Breasts are cool!" (I hate the roving drunks around here sometimes...)

The author is on the left; the comment is immediately to its right. The text below is my reply. These are all, to the best of my knowledge and ability, in chronological order.

Anonymous Rhyming for poems is cool, but not really necessary / artistic :-)
  • kinda -- I'm not sure whether I think rhyming's "cool" in and of itself, I agree that it's not necessary, but I do think it's artistic. It's not by any means the only artistic expression, but it is AN artistic expression.
Audra Audra was here!
  • Wonderful!
    So, Audra... who are you?
Blair You don't know me, but I'm friends w / Roberto + Tyler down the hall + personally, I think your door rocks!
  • Between you & Roberto, I keep hearing about you... one of these days I'm going to have to actually meet you... ;-)
    And thank you... I appreciate it.
    (For those of you who don't know, she's referring to the several sketches and poems I have taped to the door of my dorm room.)
Blair You're welcome!

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