The TIMsters Who Are Loved BY Me!!


No, it isn't the Old Man that I love. Although, secretly, I think he likes it when I kiss him. But in all seriousness, the following people are individuals who have come to mean a great deal to me as friends, and in a few cases, as something more. It is kinda sad to say that the Internet, TIM in particular, has come to rule my life the way it has. But I wouldn't trade these friends in for the world. Thanks you all. I love you to death.

Before going on, I would like to say that these people are not listed in any specific order. I simply wrote out a list of people that I wanted to put on here one night while I was at work. And this just happens to be the order that the people popped out in. Oh and one other thing. In all instances, except one, I have used the person's TIM name because for one I try to respect the anonymity of the Net and for two, I don't always know the person's real name. And now on to the list....


tbons-The first TIMster that I ever met. Drove almost 700 miles to see her. And that trip was worth every mile driven. This young lady is the brightest ray of sunshine in my life. A smile is always on my face when she is around. Why? Well for one she would beat me up if I wasn't smiling. Amd fpr 2 would have to try and explain why I wasn't smiling. And that can get to be a pain. But even with all that, I love her to death, yes I do.

Kay-Seeester of tbons. Compassion must run in their family cause Kay is another who cares deeply. Plus anyone who calls me "dear" always wins points. I have learned more coding from her in 5 months than I did in almost 2 years spent piddling around by myself. Thanks Kay, for the coding help and for Razumikhin and Sonia. Maybe one day I will be able to repay you for your generosity and your help.

Annastasia-Only on TIM would you meet a kender from Texas. Someone who I met through Kay and tbons and have become much closer to here in the last few weeks. Need a hug? Get one from Annie. Need some advice? Get it from Annie. Need a smile? You can get one from her too. And she never ever asks for anything back, athough I always like to throw in a hug or two cause that is the way I am. Thanks for being who you are Annie. And I know that I am not only speaking for myself.

TheRedKing-Or Jeffity as some like to call him. The King is a source of never ending humor and confusion. And it all stems for him and his random() functions. Sometimes you just scratch your head and wonder. But in all seriousness, The King is one of the good ones. How could anyone who gave me a Christmas present of Tatonka tarts not be one of the good ones? Plus, he plays Pop-Tart Tag and that makes him a-ok in my book.

Ivanova-A very pretty, very intelligent Australian lass who enjoys calling me strange names, kidnapping me in the Nexus and kissing me on the cheek. What is that aboot you might ask? There you have it. She is always there with advice when I ask and a shoulder to lean on when I am feeling a bit down and she never complains (The two usually go hand in hand.). Plus she speaks a little Russian and that always goes a long way... Essentially a damn good friend that I am glad I have gotten to know here in the last couple of months.

Linotte-One word describes Lnot: Presh. I love her for her love of ABBA and the ability to match me word for word in the lyrics, her invention of Pop-Tart Tag, for her allowing me to visit...I could go on and on and on. A taste for the peculiar hath L!. Stuff like llamas, churches dedicated to the King of Rock and Roll, and Happy Chef's. She rules and freaks freely all the time. Even when she is chickling.

Tamie-Another pretty Australian lass (Man, they are everywhere. Or maybe they just gravitate towards me...). This young lady is someone special. I know that could be said about everyone that I have listed here, but Tamie is different. Even with all that has happened and all I have put her through. she still talks to me and more. That is something I find amazing. She has a large part of my heart that she has claimed as her own and it is something she will have always. I love you Tamie, even if you you can't bring yourself to believe it.

Erika-And last but not least, Erika. Hope she doens't mind being on the bottom. Met online, talked to online, fell in love with her, talked to her on the phone, really fell in love with her, drove 800 miles to meet her and knew then and there that I wanted to spend forever with her (I pause now for you to finish being sick. :). But really, I do love her to no end and my day doesn't feel at all complete without talking to her. Now if I could only work on the distance thing...She is kind, warm and gentle, lets me ramble on about my day and makes the time go by quicker at work.

Okay, that is my list. Yes, there are trends in there: Almost all are women, all are kind, all make me smile. Hey, what can I say? I pick 'em good. I could go on and on about all of them, but that would drive everyone insane. Hope you all have enjoyed this little look at my friends. Take care and God bless.



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