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My Silhouette

The "Eyas" is a tradition of Davenport West High School. Although I did not go to West, I know several people who have; hence, I have seen the Eyas and what it contains.

The Eyas describes its authors differently than most High School publications I have seen. The authors do not describe themselves autobiographically; rather, others in the school (often members of the Eyas' editorial staff) create the author's biography.

I really like this method. It frees the author from worries about either arrogance or shyness, while also providing a way to see the author from a different perspective. After all, you learn a little about any author by their works; why not learn something different about the people whose works you've been reading?

Because of the appeal this biographical view holds for me (as opposed to the autobiographies normally seen), I have chosen to use this method to portray myself here. The people I have asked to write for this page are friends of mine; they are admittedly a little biased.

However, I have given them free reign to write whatever they choose here. I will put their submissions on here exactly as I recieve them, regardless of my opinion. Hopefully, my opinions will only be good (so far, this has been the case... ;-)

Perhaps you're wondering how I came up with the name for this page. If you think for a moment, you'll realize that a silhouette is an image defined not by its contents, but by its surroundings.

Similarly, this page contains an image of me defined not by myself, but by those surrounding me. Even those friends of mine not physically near my can be considered to surround me, as they are near at heart.

So I depart; I leave you to create your own view of my silhouette...

Bob is a guy that I met as a member of the Solar Car team... I remember him as being one of those "programers" which seemed to give him the ability to skip meeings and say he was working at home... I thought that was a pretty good scam. Later I learned that I was right... I also learned that there was a lot more to him than just solar car. He has proven himself to be a help to me on more than one occasion, both with technical issues and personal ones. He is one of the better listeners I have ever met, certanly one of the few people I haven't boored to sleep at one time or another... So, till next time I am going back to trying to figure out how I can get away with civil engineeing out of my bed...


...Is someone who is always there for me when I need a helping hand, a friend, someone to just listen, or someone to mess up my hair. He's always been a very giving of the few people I know who gives without expecting anything in return. I have known Bob since highschool, and I'm proud to say we've gotten to be closer friends each year. Hang in there Bob we're gonna graduate someday!

francesca penhollow

bibek has a depth that betrays his appearances. his exterior is like a cocoon, and his outward attitude and voice projects simplicity and yet power.

once i started talking to him, after meeting him in junior high in our computers class where we both discovered that they had the wrong people on the faculty... i was able to see and experiance all that is bibek.

he is a very creative man, which you don't often see in people that possess such intelligence. i'd like to think he's one of the best finds i've made in that respect since i've tried so hard to find and surround myself with people that echo good qualities.

many nights spent in his parents basement talking, watching movies, writing, doing role playing games, dreaming.

attempting out of body travel on his bedroom floor. that was a trip.

we didn't make it.

but i'm sure he's the type of person that will be able to travel with his body as far as he wants to take it. i love bibek. i miss him. he's a very good friend to have. (and if you have him, i'd like him back please. ship FedEx. but not COD.)

Ryan-Emory Lundberg

I don't know Bob intimately. Heck, I've not met him (which, in the world of MUSHes, doesn't mean too much) nor have I carried on any kind of a long conversation with him (which, in the same world, does mean a lot). Although, I have observed for a long time. And what I can tell you is this: He is, as far as I can see, one of the few genuinely friendly people I know. (that extra - in his smileys must do something. :-)) I don't think I've seen him upset or bitter, or suffering from any of the other negative personality traits we seem to all have. (well, besides from the 1=0 story. :)) While I don't know him as well as I might like, I feel...comfortable around him. Which is quite a complement, when you think about it. Do I know that, behind the silhouette, this is really true? No, not yet. Do I believe that it is? Yes, I do.

Rob Dowers

Bob.. Bob is not a drug dealer. Though the people at the Chicago Airport apparently disagreed. True story! ask him! See, I mention that 'cause that was one of the first stories he told me when I met him In Real Life (yes, that weird thing we have to do sometimes) when I went to Iowa, and it seemed so.. odd, because he strikes me as being a rather quiet person, certainly not the drug dealer type. :) I assume the quietness is because he's one of those creative types (you know that, since you're at his website) that's always thinking about something.. he's also (as Rob mentioned :) ) a truely nice person, which is rather rare in this world, so I consider him a real keeper. :)

Laura Blee

Bob is one of those rare people who can instantly welcome you into his life. When I met Bob, he was a friend-of-a-friend. I'd seen him online and even talked with him a little, but I didn't know him all that well. I got better aquainted with him during my first trip to Iowa, and I am now proud to call Bob one of my dearest friends. He gives very enthusiastic hugs, too. =) He is definitely a unique personality, but that's what makes him so fun. Thanks for everything you do, my friend. =)


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